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The Spirit of Maisonneuve

First Leader of Montreal

Between 1642 and 1665, the precarious colony of Ville-Marie was threatened by meagre resources and many challenges. Paul de Chomedey, sieur de Maisonneuve provided leadership that would allow the settlement to thrive and grow. His signature qualities: efficiency, strength of character and humility.

Today, in the resilient city built on the foundations laid by Maisonneuve, our firm helps Quebec-based organizations tackle the challenges of growth in an environment undergoing profound changes. From executive search to succession planning and custom integration plans, our team has the expertise to help you build an organizational culture with strong leadership focused on agility, innovation and strength in the face of adversity.


Executive search

The growth of your organization requires the hiring of a new senior executive, CEO or directors?

In this age of instant celebrity, detachment and disposability, the most successful brands are those led by highly competent, agile and inspiring women and men. High-calibre people whose personalities are a perfect fit for their organization’s culture.

At Maisonneuve, we are at our best when seeking out these special individuals. We have a deep understanding of business challenges, in-depth knowledge of many industries and types of organizations, and a partnership-based approach unparalleled in its rigour.

Executive assessment and coaching

Is your company entering a new growth phase? Has a new CEO just taken charge? Are business conditions pointing toward the need for new strategies? Are you exploring new markets or foreign ventures?

Seize the opportunity to build an executive team perfectly suited to handling those issues, and properly equipped to achieve the goals you have set.

Starting with interviews and psychometric tests, the Maisonneuve team is able to evaluate an executive’s potential, create a development plan and design a personalized coaching program. This elite service is highly beneficial for both the executive and the organization.

Succession planning

Are you planning for the departure of your CEO or another senior executive?

Whatever the circumstances may be, there is a risk of damage to your organization’s influence and expertise, and of harmful uncertainty among clients and employees. Careful succession planning will limit the downside risks and be a catalyst for new opportunities.

You can count on our team to help you identify candidates, whether internal or external. Depending on the profile of the executive hired, Maisonneuve will recommend a personalized skills improvement program and provide custom coaching before and after the person joins your team.

Family business advisory

Do you own a family business? Has growth forced you to review your organizational structure? Do you want to take a step back and enjoy a well-earned retirement while leaving behind a solid, vital organization? Has internal conflict put you in a difficult position and undermined productivity?

Quebec’s economy is built on thousands of family-owned SMEs. They all need to face the challenge of maintaining stability while exploring new markets, reconciling business issues with emotional considerations, and smoothly handing the business down to the next generation.

Whether you are planning expansion, identifying a successor, forming a management committee, improving the skills of a new executive or planning for the founder’s gradual retirement, the Maisonneuve team has the expertise to help you optimize the transition. Our proven stewardship methods are built on strategic human capital management and forging solid ties between current and future leadership, with the ultimate aim of safeguarding your legacy for the long term.

Human resources integration in mergers and acquisitions

Is your company preparing for a merger or acquisition? Does the transaction’s success hinge on the integration of key people? Are you wary of uncertainty in the ranks and corporate culture shock?

Even if rationalization is not part of the process, healthy communication and careful assessment of your human resources are essential building blocks for value creation.

From the start of the due diligence process, Maisonneuve can guide you through the strategic analysis and assessment of human capital and develop appropriate recommendations, specifically for the identification and retention of your most talented managers. Beyond individual interviews, we work with you to develop a communications plan, a new organizational structure and a business development strategy designed to maximize the return on your investment.

Customized integration plan

Have you recently hired an executive? Do you want to facilitate the process of integrating your new hire? If you had to repeat the hiring process in the next three or six months, would there be a heavy price to pay?

In light of the sobering fact that nearly 25% of newly recruited senior executives leave after less than one year,* companies have a powerful incentive to carefully plan a new hire’s adaptation to the organization — and the organization’s adaptation to the new hire.

The customized integration plan is an exclusive Maisonneuve service. It includes a communications plan and periodic followups with the new executive and members of the organization. Our involvement can last one month, three months or longer, depending on requirements. Our goal: helping leadership take root in a healthy way, giving the organization every chance to thrive.
* Source : Corporate Executive Board, 2013. (

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